Generate dt.img


I am trying to update the device tree of the Hikey960. I am using the device tree from the hikey linaro kernel:
Branch android-hikey-linaro-4.4

When I try the following command:
$TOOLS/dtbTool -s 2048 -o arch/arm64/boot/dt.img -p $TOOLS/dtc arch/arm64/boot/dts/hisilicon/ -p $TOOLS/dtc

I am getting:
… skip, incorrect ‘qcom,msm-id = <’ format
skip, failed to scan for ‘qcom,msm-id = <’ tag
Found file: hi3660-hikey960.dtb …

I am wondering how the dt.img are generated.


this works for me

tools-images-hikey960/build-from-source/mkdtimg -d hi3660-hikey960.dtb -s 2048 -c -o dt.img

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Thanks :smiley: it works for me!