GcmNetworkManager support in Qualcomm Android

It appears that the GcmNetworkManager is not implemented or enabled in the 128 build of Qualcomm Android. I have an app that runs on Android on a Pixel tablet, but when that app is executed on my DragonBoard 410 the calls to GcmNetworkManager fail. It appears that GcmNetworkManager depends on Google Play Services, and of course that isn’t made available in the Qualcomm Android. Are there plans to adapt this somehow?

I’m afraid there are no plans to enable Google Play Services on DB410C. Google Play Services is propitiatory Google software and is not part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Thanks for the reply. Lack of Google Play Services is a common trait of non-Google Android builds. I haven’t looked at the GcmNetworkManager code to see what would be involved in adapting that, but apparently there is code in GcmNetworkManager that checks for Google Play Services and if not available reports “Google Play Services is not available, dropping GcmNetworkManager request.” I don’t know why Google Play Services would need to be available for GcmNetworkManager to do its thing, so was hoping that Qualcomm would work around that if possible. Or at least report why support for this feature isn’t available.