GCC toolchain for ALIP

I noticed that only linaro-vivid-developer has the GCC toolchain, but I want to install that toolchain on linaro-vivid-alip. Which package should I apt-get install? Tried gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf but the binaries generated by this tool didn’t work.


to install the build tools on the board , and compile natively:

apt-get install build-essential

What you installed was the cross compiler to generate armv7 hard-float binaries, since we are running aarch64 (armv8) on the DB410c, compiling armv7hf on aarch64 is indeed cross compilation :wink:

The actual compiler package on the board is ‘gcc’, so apt-get install gcc should work, but build-essential is a better choice anyways.

Hey ndec,
Thanks for the quick response, after a little bit of late night research I realized the eabihf vs aarch64 mistake I did :). I was able get things working with apt-get install gcc, but will try out build-essential and stick to it.