Fuchsia on hikey960 - FVM Paving fails during zedboot due to non-existent /dev/class/block device

Does zircon support the 32G flash device of hikey960 ? The emmc driver support is available in zircon? FVM pave is failing during zedboot, so the board could not boot fuchsia image. Only zircon shell is up. Please find the logs below.

[00039.721] 01354.01417> netsvc: Running FVM Paver
[00041.724] 01354.03115> paver:[Initialize] Successfully intitialized FixedDevicePartitioner Device Partitioner
[00041.724] 01354.03115> paver:[FvmPave] Paving FVM
[00046.724] 01354.03115> paver:[FvmPave] Could not find FVM; attempting to add it: ZX_ERR_NOT_FOUND
[00046.725] 01354.03121> netsvc: couldn’t write to paver fd: -1
[00046.725] 01354.03115> paver:[FvmPave] Failure creating partition: ZX_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED
[00046.725] 01354.01417> netsvc: paver exited prematurely