Fritzing part for DragonBoard 410c?


I have started using the Fritzing design software. It comes with models for many electronic parts and development boards, but none for the DragonBoard 410c. I have done Internet searches but cannot find any models created by 3rd parties (other users). Does anyone know where I might find a Fritzing part model for the DragonBoard 410c?


I’ve not seen a Fritzing part for the Dragonboard 410c.

All the Fritzing diagrams for 96Boards that I have seen show just the 40-pin Low Speed connector (I guess its easy to find a part model for that):


I created a generic one for 96boards CE boards, check

One can easily customize that for Dragonboard410c, but the generic should already be functionally enough.


There I was thinking… how did I miss that?

Then I noticed the date on Ricardo’s blog post. Very good timing!