Free DragonBoard 410c

Hi! I enrolled in IoT specialization by UC, San Diego through financial aid. Since I could not pay the fees, so coursera gave me full fee waiver. But I need a Dragonboard 410c to complete the specialization. I found that there are giveaways for DragonBoard, in my circumstances I cannot buy a DragonBoard 410c and I cannot complete my specialization without it. Without the board I will miss this opportunity of fee waiver. Please help me out to get a DragonBoard 410c. I shall be thankful to you for this.


96Boards / Linaro and the creators of the IoT Specialization on Coursera (UCSD) have no control over the Coursera Financial Aid system.

UCSD and affiliates are simply consumers of the Coursera platform for which they [Coursera] control and manage. If Coursera is offering financial aid for this course in the form of a DragonBoard 410c, I would suggest you contact Coursera Support.

As I mentioned in the YouTube video comments, you might want to wait for the next iteration of the course if you will not have a DragonBoard 410c in time to complete the course material.

I hope this helps,