Hello All,

Doing research for getting a SBC. This is a weird looking forum. Is the the main forum. Login in for the 1st time was painful with all the capcthas.

BTW, writing a post is the same.

Hi @QueOnda

Sorry you found it hard to get in but, anyhow, welcome to the forums!

All forums have to fight spam and are forced to make a choice between the costs of fighting spam reactively (constant clean up) and the cost of fighting spam proactively (CAPTCHAs). The CAPTCHA system used here is relatively lightweight, especially compared with decode-the-obfuscated-text tests. However I admit that the picture system does occasional pose questions that are not ideally matched to the attention to detail common in programmers (asking us to select rivers whilst showing a picture of a lake is mentally hard work).

In other words, whilst I entirely sympathise with your feelings on the CAPTCHAs I’m not inclined to advocate change! I hope you understand, and that the feedback you get in your other forum topics makes it worthwhile to hang out here.

Thanks for Listening. I do understand in trying to protect against spamming but it may as well keep away people from the forums because making it cumbersome to post or wanting coming back to a forum.

I’m trying to stick with it but I don’t see much action in the forums (as compared to other forums). Could be because of the Captchas or maybe there are not allot of active users or something else and other factors.

I’ve seen other forums take other actions than using Capchas which help in fighting spam by having users an option to click to report spam, have the 1st post pending approval, and having moderators to help in the battle.

At the end, it’s this forums or your way of deciding what is the best way but if the current way keeps people away from the forum (as I’m on the fence), then the forum will not be helpful. This forums is suggested by arrow for learning more about the boards and as a resource. If this resource is a pain to use, then people will not use it.