Flash gpt keeps failing

after restarting from fastboot, the fastboot flash gpt PGPT keeps failing and the message I’m getting is “The partition doesn’t exist” so do anyone knows a workaround with these problem?

I think you can ignore this and carry on.

Unless you corrupt your eMMC then the partition table you write with this command will be the same as the one in eMMC already.

If my emmc is brand new. can I still ignore flash gpt fail?

I doubt it. For recovery I think the partition table comes from that scatter.txt file… but during a normal boot it must come from the eMMC.

Does fastboot boot aboot.img work from the xflash’ed loader (e.g. can you load a kernel after booting from xflash rather than from eMMC). If you can load a kernel then you can probably use that (and an initramfs) to install the partition table.