Flash compiled images into eMMC



The built-in eMMC of my X20 board was erased so I can’t boot Android and can’t use adb.
How can I flash compiled images into built-in eMMC?
Please help me.


Can I user SD slot as booting media? or recovery eMMC fully?
How to download image to a brand new emmc?


Please refer to http://www.96boards.org/documentation/ConsumerEdition/MediaTekX20/Downloads/ThirdParty/AOSP/README.md/



How can I boot as fastboot mode on the board in case the eMMC was erased fully?


Hi WangZ8

If the eMMC is erased fully, there is no way at boot as fastboot mode. Can you tell me how you erase eMMC fully?



Hi ekko,

If I build a device with MT6797 then I will have to use new eMMC. How can I flash the compiled images into the eMMC in my customized device then?



Hi WangZ8

I am so sorry to tell you the link(http://www.96boards.org/documentation/ConsumerEdition/MediaTekX20/Downloads/ThirdParty/AOSP/README.md/)have some problem. Before execute the xflash command you should do something as follow
1.Making sure the board connect to the PC with serial port. The baud rate is set to 921600;
2.Modifying the flash\bin\win\config\lib.cfg.xml file, modifying the uart_connection_baudrate label to 921600;
Then You can flash the complited images into the eMMC by using the method provided the link.



Hi WangZ8,
Did you flash image to the new emmc successfully?
I replace the emmc with a brand new one and follow the step ekko mentioned.
The process seems to be OK. But couldn’t boot after xflash.bat.