First time powering up the Dragonboard 410c, basic questions


Hello all:

I have a new 410 c and just like someone else asked before me, I am not seeing a display on the monitor.
Here is what I did:

  1. Got a universal power supply from Frys and only one of the connectors mated with the board, (yellow rim) so I connected that to the power supply jack and then put the setting on the poweer supply to 6v and then, in a few seconds, I saw a green led come on (#4 of the user leds). But no display. After a few seconds that led turned off. I even toggled the power switch and held it down as well but no avail.

What am I doing wrong? Are 6v not enough? Should I turn it to the next setting, 7.5v?

  1. The HDMI is connected to a windows10 laptop, I have a USB keyboard and a usb mouse also connected.

Please help! I am overdue in my submission for my Coursera IoT course :slight_smile:



I’m very suspicious of that power supply! Even if the voltage was higher I’d be surprised if it can deliver enough current. What is the spec of your power supply?

I’d usually recommend a 24W power supply (typically 12v, 2A). The board will certainly run with rather less than 24W but this supply then has plenty in reserve to allow you to use hungry peripherals without any problem (both on the mezzanine top board and via USB).


well, the 96boards spec mandates a minimum of 8V (from 8 to 18V).


It does but the DB410C accepts a slightly wider range than the minimum from the standard (silkscreen says 6.5V - 18V). However current needed with such low supply voltage will be much higher. In the UK, at least, multi-voltage adapters tend to be very low current (between 300 and 800mA).


Hello @telemarkskier

I think you have multiple issues.

  1. The specifications for 96Boards is to use a nominal 12V supply, you have set your universal power supply to 6V, this is not high enough, try turning your power supply supply all the way up to 12V instaed of 6V. If you bought the 800mA Rhino supply from Frys it provides up to 9.6 Watts and this should run your board under most conditions. The power input on the DragonBoard is quite forgiving and will work with almost anything, but you need to have enough voltage and power to run the board. Ensure that you have selected the center pin on the output connector as positive and the barrel of the connector as negative, setting it backwards will destroy the board. It would have been less expensive to buy the power supply from Arrow when you purchased your board. You can read more about the power requirements here

  2. you said that you connected the HDMI to your Laptop. This sounds all wrong to me. The HDMI connector on your laptop is an output and is intended to drive an external TV or monitor. The HDMI connector on the Dragonboard is also an output intended to drive a TV or monitor. You cannot connect two outputs. You should be using the HDMI cable to connect from the DragonBoard to a monitor, you can test that the monitor works by connecting your laptop to the monitor with the same cable.

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Hello, danielt, ndec and ljking:

Thank you so much for the very helpful and detailed responses! This was indeed very helpful.
The board is at home and I am at work right now so I will have to try cranking up the voltage on my universal power supply and will also check the ampere-age (the wrapper said 1200mA if I remember right).
Also, the key is the monitor part too and as ljking is saying, I may need a monitor (which I dont have off hand) to connect this to.

Thanks again and I will report back with my findings and hopefully my stumbling-s will help someone else in the future.



Hello all:

As promised, I am reporting back on the status after having taken into consideration all your responses.
Firstly, my board is working!
I cranked up the voltage to 7.5v on the Rhino PST-1200MFU powersupply and offcourse, connected the HDMI output form the board into my TV (will get a monitor soon). The board came up as expected and as seen on the youTube videos.

Thanks again for the help.


Excellent. Thank you for letting us know all is good.

Although 7.5V works, I would recommend that you set your power supply to 12V, this is the expected nominal voltage for the 410c DragonBoard.

Full Disclosure: I am an employee of Qualcomm Canada, any opinions I may have expressed in this or any other post may not reflect the opinions of my employer.


Will do, thanks, @ljking!