First look at android 8 oreo [Video]



This build was compiled almost right after O branch merged to master, so there are bugs. In functionality this is similar to the latest build for hikey960 at


Is there a download off this image available?


The latest one from
Will do.


You’re the man! Thanks again!


Hi ric, well done !
I would like to build from source my own image.
I followed instructions from
It works fine, but this is the master branch, and not the Android 8.0 version.
And when I download Android 8.0 source code, hikey960 is not supported.
Would you know how to build android 8.0 on Hikey960 ?
thanks !


HiKey 960 is not supported in 8 branch, it’s support will come maybe next release. Only master for now.



Hi ric96, why is hikey960 not supported in 8 branches? If it has always been supported in master, how could it get left out when branching? Is it easy to backport from master? I checked latest 8.0 branches. hikey960 is still not here yet.


Internally at google, the branch off for android 8 happens before the hikey 960 was added. So when the internal 8.0 branch got merged to AOSP, hikey960 didn’t make it.


I see, thank you for the explaination. That brings my earlier question: is it easy to backport? Can I do it on my own, rather than waiting for AOSP releases?


@ric96 are you able to message me? As a new member, I do not have the capability yet.
My question is related to this topic but rather than embarrass myself or cause any uproar, I’d rather just ask you my question and move on without opening myself up to ridicule.
It’s dependant on whether and when I start my project.
Thank you in advance.


Hey @LuckyStickerCo

I’d really encourage you to ask things in public. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Firstly working in public helps you; multiple people can contribute ideas, perhaps suggesting different things you might want to consider or resources you could use,
  2. Working in public helps us; previous discussion becomes a knowledge base that can be tapped by others in the future. Having that knowledge base it great for the community and allows us to invest more in public answers.

Regarding the potential for embarrassment. This forum exists mostly to help people get more out of 96Boards and we have a mixture of experience. It is very unlikely the problems you have are unique and I’d be really sad if anyone on this forum subjects another member to ridicule. However, more than simply being sad, I would also intervene to prevent it.