Fastboot in Hikey960

My HIKEY960 doesnt get detected as fastboot device in my windows/virtual machine PCs

I changed the [DIP Switches] (SW2201) settings as 1-0-1 to select fastboot mode but it was not detected with fastboot devices command

So I followed this link and tried to do a recovery in my virtual machine

But still it doesnot go to fastboot mode :frowning:

I have a windows PC and a virtual box running ubuntu for my meddling . .

Can someone help me what i am doing wrong ??

Furthur can i use Windows environment for flashing the device and AOSPs ?

Thanks in advance :sunny:

My logs from my VM PC:

/share/HIKEY_IMAGES/tools-images-hikey960$ sudo ./ /dev/ttyUSB0

Config name: config

Port name: /dev/ttyUSB0

0: Image: ./hisi-sec_usb_xloader.img Downalod Address: 0x20000

1: Image: ./hisi-sec_uce_boot.img Downalod Address: 0x6a908000

2: Image: ./hisi-sec_fastboot.img Downalod Address: 0x1ac00000

Serial port open successfully!

Start downloading ./hisi-sec_usb_xloader.img@0x20000…

file total size 99584

downlaod address 0x20000

Finish downloading

Start downloading ./hisi-sec_uce_boot.img@0x6a908000…

file total size 23680

downlaod address 0x6a908000

Finish downloading

Start downloading ./hisi-sec_fastboot.img@0x1ac00000…

file total size 3430400

downlaod address 0x1ac00000

Finish downloading

< waiting for device >