[fastboot] failed: no such partition [SOLVED]


Trying to recover a HiKey 960 by following the technical README but without success. Instead I am getting:

[root@inferno tools-images-hikey960]# fastboot flash fastboot hisi-fastboot.img 
target reported max download size of 134217728 bytes
sending 'fastboot' (3346 KB)...
OKAY [  0.091s]
writing 'fastboot'...
FAILED (remote: No such partition.)
finished. total time: 0.093s

Unfortunately, I don’t have a serial cable for the 1.8V signal, but a moment ago I was able to run AOSP. After trying out to install Debian, it seems I can’t go back :frowning: Does that sound like a hardware issue?

It seems I was able to solve the problem although not how the documentation describes. As somebody else wrote in this forum, it seems to be an edge case, where going from UEFI back to Android some partitions aren’t recognised. In my case, the only way I could go back to Android was as following:

  1. Go to recovery mode [DIP Switches 110]
  2. Run recovery_flash.sh
  3. Go back to fastboot mode [101]
  4. Flash fastboot flash dts dt.img
  5. Run flash_all.sh from the ASOP download
  6. Run with [100] and enjoy ASOP! :blush: