Fastboot failed "max download size"

I just got the Dragon Board 410c recently and try to go through all procedures in “DragonBoardLinuxUserGuide.pdf”

Using the following release from “

  • boot-linaro-jessie-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-20161006-144.img.gz
  • linaro-jessie-alip-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-20161006-144.img.gz

1). Able to get the “” onto SD card and install the Debian onto the board.

2). Trying to follow the Fastboot procedures to load through Host-PC, then it failed.

When flashing the “Bootloader-image” files
It show “target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes”
but return OKAY for each of the flash commands

sudo fastboot flash partition bootloader_emmc/gpt_both0.bin
sudo fastboot flash hyp bootloader_emmc/hyp.mbn
sudo fastboot flash modem bootloader_emmc/NON-HLOS.bin
sudo fastboot flash rpm bootloader_emmc/rpm.mbn
sudo fastboot flash sbl1 bootloader_emmc/sbl1.mbn
sudo fastboot flash sec bootloader_emmc/sec.dat
sudo fastboot flash tz bootloader_emmc/tz.mbn
sudo fastboot flash aboot bootloader_emmc/emmc_appsboot.mbn

sudo fastboot erase boot
sudo fastboot erase rootfs
sudo fastboot erase devinfo

sudo fastboot flash boot boot-linaro-jessie-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-20161006-144.img
target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
error: cannot load 'boot-linaro-jessie-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-20161006-144.img’

Any steps I have missed from the doc ??

268435456 is indeed the max size that can be transferred between the host (PC) and the target, it corresponds to the size of RAM allocated in the bootloader for the copy. It varies from platform to platform.

the host side fastboot program is supposed to check for maxsize, then cut the file into chunks of that size, and send them one by one. I suspect that you are using an ‘old’ (or broken) implementation of fastboot program on the host (or most likely a very old distro).

Can you check if you can upgrade fastboot?

Also, reading your post one more time… it might be something else… it seems you are trying to flash the ‘boot’ image which is not supposed to be very large, what size is it? Any reason why you use a 2-year old release, btw?

Its generally a good idea to share a link to whatever guide you are following. However since its a PDF I assume is it is this one?

This looks rather like a “file not found” error and the instructions in the PDF on how to decompress the images does not look right to me. Did the following command report any kind of error when you ran it?

tar xz boot-linaro-jessie-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-YYYYMMDD-UU.img.gz

Personally I would have expected this command to be:

gunzip boot-linaro-jessie-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-YYYYMMDD-UU.img.gz

I get passed the error: cannot load 'boot-linaro-jessie-qcom-snapdragon-arm64-20161006-144.img’
Just my mistake in file name…

Now,each of the fastboot flash command reply “OK” , but target not booting up.

You mentioned that you got the board recently… Are you trying to switch it from Android to Linux? Or from Linux to Linux.

If trying to change OS family then using the SD card installer is often more reliable (and it never forgets any of the steps :wink: ):
Installation for DragonBoard-410c - 96Boards (see SD Card Method - Install and boot from eMMC).

  1. Switched from Android to Linux (using SD card method) : OK
  2. Switch from Linux to Linux (using Fastboot method) : Failed

That’s very odd. Doesn’t ring any bells.

Is there any version skew here. For example did you use 18.01 for the SD card recovery and then try to roll back to 16.09 using the fastboot method?

Likewise does the problem still exhibit itself when using 18.01 for both SD card recovery and fastboot methods?