FAILED (status read failed (No such device)) while Fastboot on Hikey 970

I am having trouble with fastbooting Hikey 970.

Switch Mode Guide --> … itch-mode-guide.pdf
I enabled Fastboot Mode.

But I am confused with
User Guide -->

Because According to User Guide section 1.3.2 Boot switches and UART debug I have 4 switches. But Switch Mode Guide only 3 switches are mentioned.

Jumper Pin is mentioned. Are they Figure 1-4 Boot switches from User Guide section 1.3.2 Boot switches and UART debug?

Currently I have
1 -> on
2 -> off
3 -> on
4 -> off
Setting for the switches.

I have attached a picture of the terminal output. Could anyone please help me to understand the problem and make fastboot working.


Hello, I am not sure what exactely happend but,
I gave the system a restart and after that the system started working.
I think this process of connecting the device with android stuidio could be more stable.
thanks all.

When the board is in fastboot mode it will respond to the fastboot commands on your host pc. (provided the USB cable is properly connected.)
Once you tell the board to either boot or continue then the fastboot mode will be left and the board will start to try and boot the image in the flash.

Only during fastboot mode the fastboot USB device will be available to the host pc.