External usb hubs

I am starting development on a Dragonboard 410c for Windows 10 IoT. I realize Microsoft is handling support for Win10IoT, but their forum is slow to respond and frankly they don’t have a lot of users or support staff with Dragonboard experience. I am hoping someone here might be able to help.

Anyway, I have an issue where the Dragonboard doesn’t seem to recognize USB devices attached to an external USB hub. the board only has two type A USB ports, and I have four USB based sensors that i need to attach to the device for my project.

For example, I have a USB mass storage device/flash drive that I need to read files from. When I attach the flash drive to the external HUB, the OS does not detect or mount the drive. If I plug it directly into the the dragonboard, it is detected and mounted. I get the same behavior with other (non mass storage) USB devices/sensors.

I am pretty sure this is a problem with Windows 10 IoT but I was hoping someone else has run into this problem and maybe has a solution to offer. I have flashed the internal storage on my dragonboard to Windows 10 IoT so it’s not easy to switch the device over to Android or Linux to test if the problem is with the OS or the hardware.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.