EVS Service is getting crashed on Dragonboard 820C (Running on Android 10)

Hello All,

I am checking EVS (Exterior View System) App on Dragonboard 820C with Android 10 Version built from (https://gitlab.com/aosp-automotive/pinned-manifests).

Currently the EVS Service(Driver) is getting crashed (May be due to Graphics buffer mapper issue - Not sure). Last log from EVS service is mentioned below (https://gitlab.com/-/snippets/2010715#L6831).

E/android.hardware.automotive.evs@1.0-service( 3425): Display failed to gain access to image buffer for reading

I have attached full log on below Gitlab URL.

Requesting for your help to debug this issue.

You know, there is a reason why I have all the EVS stuff commented out in the makefile… I’ve never had it working.

I can try to have a look at it, but I definitely won’t have any time for at least 3 weeks.


Thanks, I understand your point.
I will wait for your reply.