Ethernet Mezzanine Card Step File


Is the step file for the Ethernet mezzanine card for Ultra96 available anywhere?

This is the product website:

AFAIK, there is no specific steps described, the board is connected via the USB pins of the high-speed connector which are routed to the USB 3.1 controller HUB on Ultra96, so the ethernet controller should be automatically enumerated. Also you need to check that kernel has been built with CONFIG_USB_LAN78XX. The power is directly routed to the DC12V pin of the low-speed connector, so nothing to do here except unplugging the regular main power source if you plan to use POE.

While @Loic’s reply is correct, I just like to point out that the USB pins exposed on the high speed connector is USB2.0 as per the spec (of course it is mentioned in the mezzanine product page).