Error when trying to SSH

I’m trying to SSH to my Dragonboard and getting a weird error. I have an HDMI screen hooked up to the 410c and am sitting at a terminal prompt (logged in as linaro/linaro). When attempting to SSH from a remote machine I see the following message appear at the 410c’s prompt:

[ 142.067236] wcn36xx: ERROR SMD_EVENT (259) not supported

And then the machine that I’m trying to SSH from eventually reports:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out

I’m able to ssh linaro@localhost from the 410c itself just fine and can see the sshd service running in the process list. The network appears to be fine as I can curl and get a response right away.

I haven’t done any customization to the image or the kernel. This is just the straight image from

I also see a bunch more of those wcn36xx errors on bootup, if that helps? Same message but (188) as the number.

Thanks for any help!


do you think this could be the same issue as:


While I am able to remote login with the procedure described in the thread already pointed at, my dmesg is FULL of:

wcn36xx: ERROR SMD_EVENT (259) not supported

So this might be (a bit disturbing) but not directly related.

yes, this issue has been reported already, see

it will be fixed in next release.

You can ignore the messages for now, this is harmless (but inconvenient, i agree…)