Error in Installing UPM Library


I installed Debian using Image File(
And then, I was following the Grove Starter Kit for 96Boards Getting Started guide.
When I tried to install UPM library, I got an error.

I do not know how to solve it.

Could you tell me how to solve it?


Hi @aquari89,

This is a regression issue. Commit [1] in libmraa introduced API change and it fails to modify the drivers using that API. I’ve opened an issue [2] on upm repository for the same.

It should be resolved soon.

Thanks for pointing out!



I have the exact same problem!
I’m trying to use the upm library to connect via I2C with Grove-LCD RGB Backlight.

Programming in python. Working with Dragonboard410c (Debian) and 96Sensors Mezzanine board. I’m following the instructions found under step 6 on

Glad about any further advice!


Hi @miriamelia

UPM maintainers are still working on resolving this issue.

Hope it will get fixed soon!


@Mani thanks for the info!
Good luck and keep me updated :wink:


i am also suffering from this problem is there any solution