Enable Virtualization on the QRB5165v Linaro Debian Trixie/Sid Image

How to enable virtualization precisely, kvm on the Linaro OS ?

I tried to enable it using building and flashing but it still did not work, how to enable the module and build the Linaro Image.

I don’t think these platforms support running KVM.

To run KVM the kernel needs to be loaded at EL2 but most firmwares for
Qualcomm platforms load the kernel at EL1. This makes running KVM

You can check by running a command like:

sh$ sudo dmesg | grep 'started at EL'
[    0.008966] CPU: All CPU(s) started at EL1

As you can see the machine I ran this on (Qualcomm SoC but not QRB5165)
does not support KVM.