Enable the mmu in u-boot

Hi Experts,
I want to turn on the mmu in u-boot which I download from the 96board’s github.
I remove the define CONFIG_SYS_DCACHE_OFF in hikey_armv8a.h. However, the u-boot can’t boot up after enable the mmu(cache_v8.c).
WHY? The TTB seems setup OK in 64K granule.

Out of curiosity, could you explain how you were able to use uboot with the
hikey? Also, did you succeed in powering up the hikey with uboot using default
config? I don’t seem to find any hikey_armv8a.h file. Is this file here
https://github.com/96boards/u-boot.git ?

Hi JourneyTu,

Good question…I don’t know :frowning: In the latest v3 patches which I’m about to send to the u-boot mailing list icache is now enabled by default. However I hit the same problem as you when enabling dcache. I haven’t had time to debug it further.

U-Boot isn’t officially supported on HiKey, it is something I’ve been developing in my free time. So patches and help debugging issues such as this are very welcome :slight_smile:



Hi Slaco,

Some instructions on how to build flash u-boot can be found here http://people.linaro.org/~peter.griffin/hikey/hikey-u-boot-release_r1/u-boot-readme.txt

I’m in the process of upstreaming the support to the U-Boot project, however currently you will need to get the code from the 96boards U-Boot repo (hikey-rebase branch).

FYI my personal development repo is here peter.griffin/u-boot.git - [no description] which should always have the latest set of U-Boot patches pushed to it.



Thanks Peter for the information.

Thank you, Peter.