Enable SPI on core board

SPI appears to not be enabled on the prebuilt 2019 image. Any way to enable it without going via buildroot? If a new build is the only way then some guidance there would be appreciated, but I’d prefer not to have to go that way.

My reasons for thinking it is disabled are
No spidev under /dev
No devices under /sys/bus/spi/devices

Looks like SPI is enabled but the files /dev/spidev* are not in the device table. I have no idea how to work without them, or if that’s even possible, and having trouble finding a comprehensive explanation of how to add them to the device table. Any links or refs would be great.

You can modify the dts code to enable spi1 interface. And then try again.

Thanks, I am working on that but having trouble finding information on how exactly that is done. I’m continuing to work on it. Can you suggest any resources?

While you’re here I want to ask if you can provide any more information on the fact that the 2020 image simply does not work, and neither does the buildroot guide here: https://www.96boards.org/documentation/som/tb-96aiot/build/buildroot.md.html

Both result in a non-booting board with this output over UART:

DDR Version V1.04 20191121
BW=32 Col=10 Bk=8 CS0 Row=15 CS=1 Die BW=32 Size=1024MB
Boot1 Release Time: Dec  9 2019 18:18:13, version: 1.05
ChipType = 0x15, 10271
sfc nor id: ff ff ff
sfc_nand id: ff ff ff
SdmmcInit=2 0
FwPartOffset=2000 , 2000
StorageInit ok = 20600
SecureMode = 0
Secure read PBA: 0x4
Secure read PBA: 0x404
Secure read PBA: 0x804
Secure read PBA: 0xc04
Secure read PBA: 0x1004
1806 loader need rk sign!
SecureInit ret = -1, SecureMode = 0

I have followed the buildroot guide exactly and everything works, after adding the ./build.sh step you mentioned in another thread, but the resulting image just doesn’t boot. I want to supply more information but I don’t think I can because like I say, it all goes smoothly up until failed boot with the message above. Can you please investigate and update the document?

I have tried different buildroot guides with varying levels of success, such as this based on a different board and buildroot repo:

As long as the buildroot guide is broken, editing dts files won’t do any good.