EE Memory recommendations


I just read through the Enterprise version specification.


From practical experience running ARM boards I’d say the minimum memory should be 2GB if soldered.

1GB is too little to run many “web” applications, at 2GB you are likely to be able to tune things so it works OK.

I’ve got a bunch of Raspi2: 1GB Ram, those are too RAM limited to run more than a small webserver. They don’t get CPU board quickly, but i.e. Java applications would kill them.
I’ve got a few cubietruck2 which generally can handle larger applications until they become CPU board and suffer from their bad memory throughput.
I’ve got a scaleway “Cloud” server (32bit ARM, 4GB Ram) - this handles nicely under load, no memory pressure. CPU too slow to feed very high load applications
I’ve had a linaro lab box (8core, 16GB) - this simply flied and felt almost on the level of a 56xx Xeon.

What would the summary be:
If good CPU and memory interface are a given, 2GB Ram is OK to get some work done.
1GB Ram is useless almost in any case.

From the Cubietruck experience I’d also suggest you require upstreaming of the flash interface drivers.

Maybe a GigE network interface could also be recommended?
It’s not even about the throughput but the latency introduced when using 100mbit.


Thank you for your input on the EE 96boards.

The specification on the documentation is the minimum requirements but
we are wishing the similar board of what you have mention for the real EE boards coming out from the vendors.

We would like to have DIMM/SO-DIMM socket to be able to expand the DRAM size, preferably at least at 16GB.
For the upstreamed driver, it may take time, but all the 96boards for the both CE and EE are aiming for all patches to be upstreamed.
I also would like to have 1Gbit Ethernet on it.

Thank you for your comments. :slight_smile: