Eagle file for DragonBoard 410C

Is such file available for download? or will it be?
The document site ,
https://www.96boards.org/products/ce/dragonboard410c/docs/ ,
has Schematic, BOM , Hardware manual.


The Schematic, BOM , Hardware manual files for DragonBoard are able to download by just clicking the link.

I have listed the link here too.

DragonBoard 410c Hardware Manual

The DragonBoard 410c Schematics

DragonBoard 410c BOM

Good LDTS,

Thanks for taking time to reply.
But I am afraid to say that your answer actually only repeated what I already said in my original post.
Pardon me for saying so.

Now I tend to think the Eagle file is most likely not be available for download.


Oh, I could not catch your intention that you were looking for Eagle file. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we are also not sure what kind of PCB CAD tools were used for designing the DragonBoard, Eagle, KiCad or something else, since it is not required for the vendor to make the original cad files on public.

The exported pdf file for the schematic is only file we could have.

Thanks again for taking time to answer.
I noticed that the web forum does not display the Subject Line in a very clear fashion.
My original post happened to put my question in the Subject line that caused the confusion for others.
I learn from here, it was my fault for not been clear.
No further question and thank you.