Dynamic v4l2h264enc properties

Does someone know whether it is possible to change GStreamer element v4l2h264enc properties on the fly?

I’d like to change the h264 encoding bitrate of a running pipeline. Just setting the extra-controls properties using g_object_set doesn’t seem to have an effect when running.

Any other hints on how to accomplish this are also welcome.

you can pass extra-controls:
E.g. v4l2h264enc extra-controls=“controls,h264_profile=4,video_bitrate=256000”

Please refer to this topic:

Yes I know, sorry if not clear: I’d like to change those parameters on the fly on a running pipeline without restarting it.

At low level these parameters are applied on ‘start_streaming’, so it would request some mechanism in gstreamer to stop the stream, set the controls and restart the stream, so not really on the fly.