Dual Video Decoding

Hi - We would like to evaluate the HiKey 960 Board for digital signage usage. Is this board capable of playing atleast 2 - 30fps videos at the same time ?

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I have the same question also. Did you get any answer from other forum?

In my case, will be 3 or 4 videos at 30fps, 1080p or 720p resolutions. I prefer to use hardware decoders.

The simple answer: No. There is a commit that has been in code review since July for the kernel part of hw video acceleration, but that also needs the user space OMX support as well. It looks like it is still a long way off.


Does HiKey 960 support Hardware decoding?
If yes then which branch of OP-TEE with AOSP we can use for the build.


@rabindranath-derebac Afaik the regular hikey960 aosp build hasn’t implemented hw decoding support yet. You can track patches here [1] to see when/if they come up. Also, there’s not really a proper hikey960 aosp with op-tee build yet since development is currently inactive due to other priorities. You can try an ‘informal’ build here [2] if you want but not sure how stable it is.

[1] https://android-review.googlesource.com/q/project:device%2Flinaro%2Fhikey
[2] https://github.com/vchong/optee_android_manifest/blob/wip/tmp.txt