DSI panel timing calculation question

i’m now doing a panel porting to 410c and using xml file that included in porting guide to set the parameter.
There are two parameters, “Escclk source” and “MMSS_CC ESCCLK PREDIV” that i have no idea what’s that about.
Does anyone have the idea or have experience on the dsi porting. Thanks!

which xml file? this is for android or linux? panel?

By following this file: https://developer.qualcomm.com/download/db410c/dsi-display-porting-guide-linux-android.zip
i’m trying to port for android system

You can keep these values constant and proceed

Escclk source (mxo = 27MHz, pxo = 24MHz, cxo = 19.2MHz) - 19.2 MHz

Thanks for your answer, but the panel is still not lights up. I’ve already check the byteclk and pclk by reading the measure value under /sys/kernel/debug/… and they shows the same as the calculated value.
Would you share some of you experience on porting the dsi panel, eg. debug procedure?

which panel are you using (cmd mode or video mode)? required regulators and gpios are added properly? Does the backlight gpio/pwm is handled?

I’m actually porting a projection display in video mode, the panel is driving by another mcu for initialization, backlight control, and even the reset pin.
What the vendor provides the on/off command and the parameters like HFP HBP etc. And they claim that the screen will light up if the dsi signal gets correctly.

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@spele1100 I’m busy with something very similar to you. Did you ever get this right?