DSI Display Porting for Linaro 21.12

I wish to pick up a project I left idling a few years ago, which is to add support for a 1080p Omnivision OP02220 DSI display to the 410C.

My main problem is that I’m a hardware engineer and know very little about software, so I hope to solicit some advice from this forum, among other places.

I’ve looked at the Qualcomm Display Porting guide (which is for Android) and I read that doing the same for Linux / Debian will be somewhat different according to this thread (Qualcomm DSI porting guide).

The post for Linux referenced in it (https://github.com/freedreno/freedreno/wiki/DSI-Panel-Driver-Porting) is not particularly complete and is a couple years old at this point.

So my question is: What is the best / current resource that I should be looking at to figure out the software side of adding my display to the latest Linaro Debian release?

I was given initialization code as well, but being a noob at this I’m not sure where to start, really.

Any pointers would be appreciated,