Driver support in AOSP in Dragonboard 845c

wifi, usb flash and usb hdd do not work. one of the usb 3.0, ethernet adapters do not work, perhaps because there is no pci-e_to_usb driver. SD card is not working. I installed the latest compiled build of aosp 1493 linaro aosp. I have a wifi adapter and it works. what is needed for all drivers to work on aosp? maybe I can install the old build? Without detailed instructions, it will be difficult for me to compile the assembly from sources. but if there are educational articles, I will be glad to study them. If you have any information, please write.


WiFi-BT works.

mmc sdcard device path for newer kernel versions got fixed earlier this week

Just pushed usb flash/hdd storage fix upstream for review

You should be able get above features WiFi-BT, MMC sdcard and USB storage working on latest build Linaro Snapshots from tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

I don’t have a usb3.0-ethernet adapter handy but it should just work. There is no userspace config required for that to work and iirc we do have usb_net drivers enabled in default config. I’ll check if I can quickly confirm that part.

If you want to start building and tweaking AOSP for DB845c then start here

I successfully flashed to build 1496. The latest version of bootloader 47528 does not work, I flashed to version bootloader 107. The sd card works. wifi works, but perhaps the connected usb type c sometimes interferes with it. It remains to do something with usb drives. can usb drives interfere with usb debugging? disabling usb debugging in settings does not work. editing the build.prob file won’t help? I’ll wait for the next release.