Dragonboard410c support higher video decoder

Is there a way to make dragonboard 410c support H.265? If add an external codec, What’s the effort for hardware and firmware to implement this feature?


I am not sure what you are referring to as ‘external codec’. Can you be more specific?

There is no hardware accelerator available on the APQ8016 SoC , at the heart of the DB410c, that can decode HEVC. It is possible to use s/w codecs only, on the main 4 A53 cores, but I am not sure how much performance you will reach.


Thanks for reply , external codec is mentioned means if it’s possible to add a dedicate chip for HEVC.

well. i don’t think it’s possible… you would need to be able to transfer video memory into internal memory for rendering, and that doesn’t seem possible…

ok, noted with thanks