Dragonboard wifi issues


My DB410C tends to not connect to any wifi networks after some duration.
It infact says there are no wifi networks available.
I have flashed the OS (Debian) many times on it and it has the same issues always. Is there a hardware bug?


What build are you using?

There are significant improvements in 18.01 and even more fixes in the
latest snapshots (although we are still chasing the last few bugs).


BTW if you reproduce the problem with 18.01 (or with a latest snapshot):

Does rebooting the board fix the problem ?
Does moving the interface up and down fix the problem ?
Could you please provide log/dmesg ?


thank you for the quick reply.

i am using the image from the 96boards website. could you give me the link of the latest image so that i could try it?


our builds are published here:


when we make a release, we copy it from there into the ‘release’ section.