Dragonboard power fail - reason?




the board worked OK from external power supply. After connecting both external power adapter and micro-USB connector something happened to the board and it is not booting anymore. It seems like something wen’t wrong within power supply. Only wifi and BLE LEDs are ON constantly. It does not boot either from power adapter or microUSB. The USB was connected to the PC, the power supply was the one from the box. Does anyone have any hint what could be burned/broken?



Did you board originally boot into Android of Linux? There are two different boards you can buy:

  1. The AWS kit with Linux
  2. The Basic kit with Android

In general, plugging the board in with the power supply will boot the board up into which ever OS was originally installed onto the board. Add in the MicroUSB cable should not affect the booting; however, it will make limit the use of the USB Type-A ports on the board. i.e. you can only use either the type-A ports or the OTG, they are mutually exclusive and once you plug in the OTG port, the Type-A ports will not work.

I have not seen a board malfunction when both are plugged in, though some people do not expect the mutual exclusivity of the ports.

My suggestion is to re-flash the board with a new OS from the list found here: https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard410c/downloads/

Once you have re-flashed, and still have issues, we can explore the possibility of a hard brick. Right now, it sounds like it is only a soft brick.

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