DragonBoard not powering on



I’ve recently acquired two boards. I was trying to boot up the boards with the pre-installed Android to check that everything is OK. Using a DC 12V 3A power supply, a USB keyboard and USB mouse and HDMI SmartTV as monitor.

The dip switches are OFF (0-0-0-0).
One board is working ok but the other is not working, what could be the problem?

I’ve spent a lot of money to bring them to Spain (more in shipment charges and boarder taxes than the boards).

Thanks in advance,



Hi @appsttitude,

The custom charge and the shipping cost for many EU countries are expensive.

I am also not so sure since one is working out of two boards.

I commonly saw was the contact failure of DC jack which has 4.00mm diameter with 1.7mm center pin which has smaller diameter than the specified 4.75mm diameter with 1.7mm center pin assuming both DragonBoard 410C are OK.

If you have the USB-UART adapter, then it is able to retrieve more information from the serial console screen.

You may have to contact the distributor of the board, if anything does not work.