Dragonboard FAQ

Q: Where should I look for documentation?

There’s a wealth of documentation for the Dragonboard 410c. So much that it is quite possible that need a bit of help finding which document is the best one for you to read! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to ask on the forum. Usually someone will come along with a “hello” and a link!. However… if you’re in a hurry let us offer you some ideas:

  • DragonBoard 410c Documentation (at 96boards.org). This is a great starting point for hunting down board manuals, schematics and all the other documentation we require 96Boards vendors to put together (and, in the case of DragonBoard, a whole lot more besides).
  • DragonBoard 410c Tools and Resources by Qualcomm. This is Qualcomm's own page about the board. It contains several documents not found in this site and, if Windows 10 IoT is your thing then this is where you go to get it.

Q: How to boot after buying the DragonBoard 410c?

Probably this is the first topic you would like to know. Please refer the instruction to boot your board with HDMI display.

Q: How to use serial console on 96Boards?

The access to the board with serial console is essential for most for the developers. We have made the tutorial describing one of the easiest ways to get started with the serial console.

Q: What is the best source of information about Windows 10 IoT for DragonBoard 410c?

Please refer the link to obtain the information of Windows IoT on DragonBoard 410C.

Q: How do I use GPS with the debian-derived software images?

We’ve been looking at GPS in the debian-based images, and it’s now working “in the lab”. It’s not yet integrated into the builds (not even the snapshot builds) but we have posted instructions on the forum. Our goal is to have everything merged into our build by the end of June. The final solution may be slightly different, but the steps posted to the forum are known to work…

  • http://www.96boards.org/forums/topic/gps-software/#post-14390

Q: Why USB is slow on my DragonBoard 410C?

The old releases had an issue with USB throughput. The issue was fixed from 15.11 release.
Please update your image to the latest image from following link.

Q: Why the WiFi connection drops out periodically?

The work around for this issue is included from 16.06 and later releases
and should not have the WIFI connection drops.

Bellow is for the record only.

Yes, we are aware of the WIFI being disconnected periodically and in the middle of fixing the symptom.

This is the link in bug tracking system.

You may try the temporary workaround described at the bellow link until it is fixed.

Q: What is changed in the new release and how to customize the Linux kernel by building from source?

There are great descriptions of what have improved on the new releases and known problem with detail instruction to build the Linux kernel from source.

Q: Why the DragonBoard 410C does not recognized by adb on windows?

The usb driver for adb on windows requires modification from Android web site.
We have made the revised usb driver. Please try this driver.

Q: How to install adb usb driver on Windoes for DragonBoard 410C?

This is the instruction to install modified usb driver for adb on windows.

Q: How can I find the right application notes published in pdf?

There are many great application notes uploaded on developer.qualcomm.com.
We have made a center page linking to the pdf files with the distinction of the contents.

Q: Where can I find the case?

There are nice cases made by Arrows.

Q: Is this it? There are no other frequently-asked-questions?

This is all we’ve come up with for the DragonBoard 410c. However if you browse over to the General forum you’ll find a FAQ covering questions of a general nature. That includes questions about the 96Boards project, as well as technical questions whose answers apply to more than one board.

Hi ,

I downloaded the image file db410c_sd_install_android.img
how do i can extract into SD card?
copying this img file is enough?

Ashok R

Hi Ashok

I’d recommend starting a new forum topic for a new question rather than replying to the FAQ.

New topics with good titles get a lot more visibility than replies. This is because the title you choose (for example “What is the best way to install Android?”) gets listed in the side bar where people will see it.

The documentation is currently being reorganised but, right now, this link is probably what you need:

If that doesn’t give you what you need then please do start a new topic. Thanks.

DocPortal in 1st post doesn’t have downloadable working image links

After further looking around, where is all the documentation? Found the manual but seems all the links are in progress or lead to nothing.

Hi @queonda,

Thank you for pointing out the link of the documentation.

Please refer to the page bellow for the documentations at the moment.
We are in the middle of setting up the portal page and we still need a while.
I updated my post.

This is the direct link to the download page.

Hi,where is the documentation of the camera which is mipi imterface.I can only find clock about camera in Hardware Register Description.I ready write a camera driver base on imx224,so I refer to ov5645 driver in kernel,but I can’t debug my driver.Most problem is I not have document of camera.About ov5645’s driver of kernel,do you sure it can run accurately.My sensor driver is ok,but it can’t enter this funcation :camss->notifier.bound = camss_subdev_notifier_bound;Could you give me some suggestion.

Hi @Akira Tsukamoto

Q: Why the DragonBoard 410C does not recognized by adb on windows?

The usb driver for adb on windows requires modification from Android web site.
We have made the revised usb driver. Please try this driver.

adb usb driver windows DB410C


The usb driver seems not compatible with windows 10 which said it lack of driver signature.

Is there a good way to fix this?

Hi @tsanchao,

Unfortunately, to sign the driver with genuine signature for Windows 10 is allowed to only Mircrosoft official product partner, and Linaro do not have tools for it.

However, the original driver was made by Qualcomm and even it lacks of official driver signature it should be no problem with Windows 10 for the usage.

Hello,Could you give me datasheet about mipi-csi?I need it to do a camera driver.Thank you!

I discover some problems of kernel about 16.06.When I make a new boot Image use the official kernel,It can starting system normally.But after I insmod driver,I can’t rmmod it ,It show resource busy.It’s not because of my driver.If the kernel of 16.06 have bug?

@liuhui It seems like the mipi csi spec requires mipi alliance membership for access so it’s not available for public distribution. Would below document help instead?