Dragonboard audio mezz

Does anyone know where I can get the board schematics of DRAGONBOARD AUDIO MEZZ


You would need to contact Seeed Studios to see if they will release it.

I have it if you need it. I could send you a link to the file if necessary.
Let me know.

If the link to the schematic is public, it would be great if you could post it here :slight_smile:

Try this for now.

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Thanks Jean-Marc. You beat me to it [I was just copying it into todays TODO list… and then I removed it again :wink: ]!

Niiiice, the text in the PDF isn’t searchable. Heck, it isn’t even text.

Does anyone actually try to use this stuff before it gets out?

Hi @bgat:

This version of the schematic and documentation isn’t too bad: http://static6.arrow.com/aropdfconversion/840e01f925d80cedd76b4ae507590f97ec8944ce/productspecification-audiomezzanineboard.pdf

The right hand edge of the schematic is cropped off, but the text is searchable. The only significant thing missing is the output capacitor on the 1.8V regulator. I have an older version of the schematic (I did the first revision), but Seeed Studio made some minor changes and they are not in my schematic and layout.

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Does his can help for Win10 IoT Core enable Cortana? IoT looks like hardware hacking…

You can enable Cortana with or without this board, and I think you’ll need to populate the 8x2 2.0mm header on the board in order to make the audio on this board work.

I do not know why that header was not populated at the factory, and using those connections is required to use audio, I believe.

The board itself, without those headers populated on the 410c is just a grove connector board.