Dragonboard 820C Android screen over Miracast display (Multi display android support)

Hello All,

Anybody tried to stream Dragonboard 820 Android screen over Mira-cast display? Or Multi-display with dragonboard 820C


I am trying to connect WiFi on dragonboard 820C, however, I am facing one issue.
I couldn’t get a list of WiFi devices.

Requesting for your help.

Thanks in advance.

Multi-display should be fairly straightforward if you wanted to use the DSI interfaces on the high speed connectors. I have no idea about miracast – never used or looked at it. A quick search suggests that it isn’t part of AOSP.

This may be an option?

Thanks for your quick response.

I will explore USB to HDMI, basically I wanted to test multi display support in android and then move forward multi zone audio.

About WiFi, did you tried to use on dragonboard 820C?

I’m not aware of any issues with wifi. Works fine for me.


Understood Thanks.