Dragonboard 820 : oe images: default login password

I’ve 2 questions

  1. What would be the default password for the oe images from

I could see the login prompt. I tried the following combinations for login/password. Nothing worked.
root/root; root//; linaro/linaro;

  1. I’m following the steps mentioned here https://github.com/96boards/oe-rpb-manifest
    I see the steps are mentioned for “core-image-minimal” which does not have openssh/package manager. I’m trying to build “rpb-console-image” for dragonboard-820. I see various build errors. Is this been tried before.

Any clues, please help.


First of all , the ‘jethro’ based images are quite old by now, we have had support for krogoth and morty since that. Unless if you have a specific reason to use jethro, i would recommend to switch to ‘morty’ now.

All our images have the OE ‘debug-tweaks’ feature enabled, so you should be able to login as root without any password with any of the default RPB images. I think we need to understand why you can’t build the rpb-console-image instead. Do you have any logs? Or maybe the ‘jethro’ builds is broken…