Dragonboard 410c Wifi interface not showing up after updates and reboot


I installed the following release of Debian on a Dragonboard 410c :

It’s installed on the eMMC using the SD card installation method.

After booting up the OS a first time, I can connect on Wifi networks without any issues but if I run :

sudo apt-get upgrade

And I reboot, I no longer see the wifi interface (and therefore cannot connect on any wifi network).

Is anybody able to reproduce the issue? Any known fix I could use?

Thanks in advance,


As far as I remember this is well known and is caused when apt installs a new set of kernel modules without updating the actual kernel in the boot partition. There are probably some old threads on the forum detailing the workaround although they might be hard to find since the image is over three years old at this point!

The simplest way to fix is likely to adopt the newer releases. Does the problem occur with the 21.12 release?