DragonBoard 410C Not getting detected on macbook


I connected my dragonboard 410c to a HDMI Display Monitor, along with a 12v supply and a USB mouse. When it is powered On, I try to connect it via a micro USB to my macbook pro, on which the device is never recognised even though the developer options are turned ON.

Also the peripherals connected to the dragonboard via USB stop working when the board and the laptop are connected.What could be the reason for that ?

Hi @soumil,

Yes, that happens.
I think you are trying to connect to Android on your dragonboard 410c using ADB from your laptop with microUSB cable.
Unfortunately, the current 96Boards can not use the USB connector with your USB mouse and microUSB connector at the same time.

Would you mind trying to connect to ABD over TCP like written bellow?