Dragonboard 410c not booting - steady BT light

I’ve been using my DragonBoard 410c for a few days now, but today for some reason it stopped working. I unplugged the power after it stopped, and now whenever I plug it in, only the BT light comes on. I’ve tried all the various recovery methods. Is the board dead? What happened? Why just the BT light?

Which release are you running (Debian 19.01, RPB…)? IT always useful to get a log from the debug UART if possible (e.g. via audio or UART mezzzanine).

The blue led is supposed to come on when bluetooth controller is enabled, that would imply that your board is alive and that kernel is running, but maybe something wrong with display or storage prevent complete booting to UI. Is the activity LED sporadically blinking as well?

I’m not sure which release it is, when I first loaded it up it had some sort of Android UI on it. As for log data, I haven’t been able to access any, and no other lights other than the BT light come on. The power button does nothing as well to alter this.

I suggest you to install a newer software release (depending your needs) like Debian or RPB:

I tried both of those and still no change. Nothing on the monitor, no response to buttons, just the steady BT light.

You mean you have been able to reflash the board (with e.g. latest release) ? but still unable to see anythin g on your monitor?

I wrote the various .iso files to a MicroSD card and followed the steps to flash them onto the dragonboard, but none of them change the state of the board, just the illuminated BT light.

I suggest you to follow USB recovery method (EDL mode): https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard/dragonboard410c/installation/board-recovery.md.html
Then fastboot to reflash.

I haven’t had any success with this method either. The furthest I can get is running qdl, and the terminal just sits there saying “Waiting for EDL device” despite the board being plugged in and all the instructions followed

Is there any message in your kernel log (dmesg) when connection board over USB in EDL mode?