Dragonboard 410c Intermittent Wifi

Good Evening,
I am currently having an issue of running my dragonboard headless through SSH. It seems to break my SSH connection at random times. I am running the latest Debian Stretch release for the DragonBoard on linaro’s website. I initially tried the latest release of Buster, however, it is extremely unstable. (ex. sudo apt-get upgrade results in a soft-bricked dragonboard!)
This was experienced on 2 dragonboards now, and it makes it impossible to run headless.


  1. I suggest you update to a latest snapshot which contain the latest wireless fixes (contrary to the last release).

  2. For ssh purpose, I suggest disabling the powersave mode, indeed radio goes to sleep mode if there is no tx/rx traffic during few hundreds of milliseconds (and introduces latency to wakeup), which is typically the case when you type over ssh.

    sudo iw dev wlan0 set power_save off


I’m afraid I’d also like to discourage the view that 18.01 should be avoided because it is unstable (although I second the view that if you experience WiFi problems with 18.01 you should try a snapshot instead). It is 100% predictable… if you apt upgrade it without putting a hold on the kernel then it will break every single time ;-). There are a couple of ways to recover without reinstalling and losing data (which we can help people with here if they need it) but the recommended workaround is to run: sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-4.14.0-qcomlt-arm64 before running apt update.

There’s no particular reason to prefer this workaround except that this is the workaround that is pre-applied to the snapshots and will be used in the next release.

Is there an estimated date for the next release?