Dragonboard 410c HDMI Issue


I just received the board (blue) and tried to connect the board to a 1080p monitor via HDMI cable. When the board is powered up, nothing shows up on the monitor. My dip switches are set at 0000.

But I do see the device getting detected on my Android Studio as “Unknown MSM8916 for Arm64 Android 5.1.1.”

What could be the issue for the HDMI output not working?


Hey Dragon,

i have the same issue with my monitor.
At home connecting the board to my monitor(asus) brings just the black screen. monitor wakes up periodically and then goes to sleep.
At work i use dell monitor 2412M and it just works.

So at home i have to use my TV, i’ve tested with an old toshiba and with new panasonic, on both it just works.

make sure that the hdmi cable is connected before you plug the power.



Did you have the HDMI cable plugged in to the board and your monitor before you turned the board on?



Hi Dragon,
I second suggestion to keep HDMI connected to the board before you power the board ON.
For best results please make sure you use a HDMI monitor that supports 1080p60 input.



That is right.

I made sure that the HDMI cable was connected to the board before I powered ON the board. Also mine is a Samsung Monitor that supports 1080p60 input.

I am also surprised that there are not a lot many topics on this HDMI issue discussed anywhere.


No video on one of the TVs at my work - completely fine on all of the other TVs I use at home. TV at work also supports 1080p60. Using stock lollipop that came with it.


I am having the same issue.


I WAS having the same issue. On my Samsung TV connected to the dragonboard via HDMI to HDMI cable, nothing was showing up even after a minute. I was switching my TV and dragon board on at the same time. However, switching the TV first and then the dragonboard after about half a minute later resolved the issue.