Dragonboard-410c HDMI is not getting up

Hi all,

I am facing issue with HDMI port, is not up and running using krikstone branch with core-full-cmdline.

Please find the log file attached herewith through link below:


Did you figure out your issue with the HDMI port? I have a batch of these that is acting flaky with HDMI. Almost seems like a bad port.

I have a dragonboard 420c that started experiencing HDMI display issues after patching - Im running Linario-Debain - SID.

I first suspected the patches messed up the video BUT after doing a re-install I had the same problems.

Im not sure if its a bad HDMI port or bad cable OR possibly a power issue. After changing my power supply I have had much better luck. I need to cycle power ocassionaly to recover the display. No error messages so far as I can tell.