Dragonboard 410c calculator example


hello ,
I flashed my dragonboard with Android , but when I try to test hexagon sdk by calculator example I get : Error: compute on DSP failed ,
I use hexagon SDK 3.2 and when I check if FastRPC is runnig by “adb shell ls /dev/adsprpc-smd”
I get :
also when I make sure this outputs ‘running’ by “adb shell getprop init.svc.adsprpcd”
I get : running

what is the problem ?
thank you in advance.


Version numbers would be a really addition here. There are two different android derived releases, they are provided and supported by entirely different teams (and one of which probably doesn’t support the DSP).


thank you for your reply,
it’s " Snapshot 99" from 96boards.org ( Android version 5.1.1)
I hope this is the number of the version.


Naturally it would be too easy for a release to have only one version number :wink: . However this version number is perfectly adequate.

The good news is that I think this combination should support the DSP (although it you build Qualcomm Android from source then you’ll get Android 6 instead of Android 5); the bad news is that I’m not the right person to help you with it!


Thank you, I’ll try to build Qualcomm Android from source.