Dragon Board shuts down on its own after clean boot


We have deployed 25 Dragon Boards working as Digital Signage Systems since one year, now all of a sudden two boards have problems(not at the same time). After clean boot in android the board powers down with all leds off. Restarting power switches on the board to the same condition again, Please provide suitable solution as the signages are supposed to run every day for 10 hours at our clients.


Would you be able to retrieve and provide kernel messages (via UART) and Android log ?
Don’t know about your software, but after one year, could it be related to a storage issue ?
I would suggest to reflash your board to determine if issue is related to software or hardware.


The boards having problems have been reflashed with stable release of android OS, nothing other than the pre built apps are installed, but the board switches off approx a minute after boot


The logs would be really useful to determine why it is shutting down.

One other question comes to mind, do you have information stored on a SDCard, or just on the eMMC storage? If information is on the SDCard, you may have exceeded the maximum number of read/write cycles for the card, try replacing the card. eMMC has much greater endurance, however depending on what your SW is doing with the file system, you may have exceeded the max number off R/W cycles on the eMMC.

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Thanks for the reply Ijking,
I understand the limitations of flash memories w.r.t read/write cycles, but after flashing new OS to the board I am not running my application and SD card not inserted, now regarding eMMC Life cycle, the application never writes to the memory it is read only. The problem persists with bare OS installed, I am trying to retrieve kernel messages lets hope for the best, I would be glad to know the reason as 23 more may endure same issues later.