Dragon Board 410c support

I have placed a folder onto internal emmc card and booting board using SD card. Now through mount option I am able to see the contents of emmc . I need to copy a folder from EMMC to SD card. What’s the command need to provide to copy

Not sure If I miss something here, but if you successfully mounted emmc partition (e.g. in /media/emmc) you should be able to copy the folder with a simple cp command:
cp -r /media/eemc/myfolder /home/linaro/


Thanks for response. My Dragon 410C board, is pre loaded with Kernel and connected with image sensor OV5640. I can view the video using GLES capture script. I want to configure 2nd custom sensor on this. I am trying to search current dtsi file for ov5640 so that I can edit it. Is there any document which describes this?..

Loic, my first problem of copying the folder into emmc is solved. Now I have one more issue which I described above.