Dragon Board 410C - mini usb connecting to pc for debugging

Hi Everyone,

I just getting start with my new board.Android is running up.
and going through the documents “DragonBoard 410c Android User Guide”
In the 5th step , its failing. if i connect the use to Board , Android studio detecting as Unknown Android Device. I updated the “android_winusb.inf” file also.

One more thing im using logitech wireless keyboard with Mouse , after connecting this mini usb connector to the board. Keyboard and mouse stops working. any idea?

Ashok R

Hi Ashok,

Did you enable developer option’s and usb debugging in Android settings.
Keyboard and mouse does not work if you connect mini usb(i have no idea).which OS your are using (Windows/Ubuntu)?


Hi Ramesh,

Yes i enabled, still it detecting as “Unknown Android device” but i am able to Debug and Download the APK files so no issue in it.

Im running Android studio on Windows 7 machine, when i connect mini usb to laptop, Keybaord and mouse not working and after disconnecting the mini usb its started working . anyhow this issue is not major issue for me.

Ashok R

Hi @Asokfair:

The 410 processor only has one USB port. This port can operate in either host or device mode. There is a switch between the onboard hub (host mode) and the micro-USB connection (device mode). When you plug in mini-USB, the switch automatically connects you to the mini-USB connector in device mode and the host ports are disabled. This is expected behavior for the 410c board as described in the documentation.

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Thanks ljking, i just read the same from documentation!

I am facing the same issue.

I am building an android application, and debugging.

How can i debug if both mini usb and mouse don’t work?

I need to click a button to invoke something and then debug code? Is their some work around?