Dragon board 410 c not booting up

i tried booting up my dragon board 410 c by connecting the HDMI cable to my TV but nothing appeared on the screen , the BT light flashed up , the user led 4 remains lighted up , the mouse and keyboard connected via usb work fine , but nothing is displayed on the screen , can u please help

May I know which binaries are you flashing ?

Yes, please give information about running os, is it the original one ? did you try with a different screen/TV ?

i’m using android as my os and i tried connecting to both TV and laptop ,but the display did not show anything

Are you able to try any alternative monitors or TVs… IIRC Android runs with a fixed video mode and this causes problems if the display doesn’t support it.

Alternatively the graphics stack for Debian is completely different and supports a much wider range of display devices.

i have tried using TV monitor as well as the laptop , but both times it has failed

What do you mean by “as well as the laptop”. How can you connect DB410C to the laptop display?

Are you able to try connecting DB410C to other displays?

i used the HDMI cable to connect it to my laptop display , i have tried to connect it to my TV using HDMI cable ,

Have you got a special laptop? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a laptop with HDMI in.

i have a HDMI port available in my laptop

but even when i connected my DB410c to the TV , i did not show any display

I’ve got that it doesn’t work with your TV. I have asked if you are able to try a different one.

The Android build for DB410C is known not to work with some display devices (the Debian builds are much better for display compatiblity).

I don’t understand what you’re saying about your laptop. Most laptops have HDMI out ports not HDMI in ports, and your reply doesn’t confirm that you have a special laptop that supports HDMI in.

okay i understood , you re right i don’t have HDMI in port , which other display can i try on ??

I’m afraid it just means trying it on different models of TV or on full HD capable computer monitors.

If you don’t have access to other monitors then, for now, I’d have to recommend the Debian build instead (it is possible to compile a version of Android that use the same display stack as Debian but its still under heavy development and not very comfortable for day to day use).

thank you very much for your reply , i will try the debian , i hope it works

thank you very much for your reply , i will try the debian , i hope it works

So do I!

If you try the SD card install method then you should know straight away (the installer users the same display stack as Debian so if you can see the installer GUI then you should also be able to see the Debian GUI when it comes up).