DrabongBoard 410 I2S input

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After following the tips in

I have been able to enable I2S output. Now I would like to have I2S input also, is there any documentation on this?



I don’t think there is any documentation for this. AFAIK full duplex (simultaneous audio input and output) is not possible via LS-I2S on DB410C so most users add only a DAC rather than a full codec.

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According to

Note: Since External Primary MI2S (on LS header) is muxed to Internal Primary and Secondary I2S interfaces, which only supports playback, it is not possible to do Full Duplex communication by any means. For this purpose External Secondary MI2S should be used.

So maybe I could use the external secondary MI2S, what do you think?

I don’t think the pins needed for this are broken out for you on DB410C. In particular MI2S_2_DATA1 (GPIO_112) is not connect connected to anything and the rest of the pins are only brought out as test points which would make connecting to them extremely fragile.